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SAMSUNG NX300 Samsung NX 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 OIS


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  • Premium Canvas
  • Photo Strip/
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  • Wood framed
  • Light Box
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  • Triptych
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  • Premium Paper
  • Notebook
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  • Hinoki Frame
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  • Full Set of Hinoki Frame
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  • Mirror Wrap
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  • Photo Wrap
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  • Canson BFK Rives
  • Epson Premium Semigloss
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  • Full Set of Photo Strip
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  • Annual Calendar
  • Magnetic Print & Frame
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    Fine Art Smooth
    Matte Canvas
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  • Caramel
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  • Luster Photo Paper RC
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  • Canson Photo Lustre Premium RC
  • Epson Premium Semigloss
  • Canon Photo Paper Pro Luster
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14 x 14 cm( 5.5 x 5.5" ),厚度 2 公分 Change ETDShip in business days


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  • Archival grade canvas
  • Giclée Print
  • Ten-color printing
  • Made-in-Italy cover paper
  • FSC-certified
  • Lay flat design
  • X-Rite PANTONE Certificated

Giclée Canvas Print

Official Website:

Each image is a fine art giclée print on canvas material. This method of spraying archival inks ensures color accuracy, vibrancy and luminosity for a picture perfect print, true to the original photograph.

Framed Giclée Print

Official Website:

CANSON BFK Rives Paper - Brushed Aluminum Picture Frame

Glazing with Acrylics

This 100% cotton printing paper manufactured on a cylinder mold is available in the Canson® Infinity Digital Fine Art & Photo line. Canson® Infinity PrintMaKing Rag has a unique pure white without optical brighteners and an incomparable, fine and silky touch. This exceptional paper is ideal for fine art prints and photographs and gives them a very prestigious aura.

Framed Giclée Print

Official Website:

EPSON Premium Semigloss Photo Paper - Brushed Aluminum Picture Frame

Glazing with Acrylics

EPSON Premium Semigloss Photo Paper

Highest color gamut available for vivid color reproduction. Premium Photo Paper Semi-gloss is a remarkable media that has the look and feel of true photographic paper. Ideal for printing displays or scenic color images, this semigloss finished paper delivers beautiful results for all to enjoy.

Canson Infinity® Photo Lustre Premium RC 310gsm

Citation of the 2015 TIPA Award Jury:
«The quality of an inkjet print is of course dependent on the skill of the printmaker and the content of the image, but having a paper that will deliver optimal results can be just as important. Canson® Infinity Photo Lustre Premium RC 310gsm offers a flexible and sturdy weight of 310 gsm (grams per square meter) that does not pose challenges to most inkjet printers feeds yet delivers a print that will mount well and will not be easily damaged during handling. It consists of an alpha cellulose acid-free paper base coated with a structure polyethylene and a microporous receiver layer, and is compatible with both dye and pigmented inkjet printers. The combination of an extra-white base and stunning lustre finish brings out the best in colour and monochrome images».

About TIPA:
The best imaging products in a number of categories, released between April 1, 2014 and March 31, 2015 were selected for the TIPA Awards 2015 through independent voting by 27 editors of photo magazines from 16 countries across five continents that are members of TIPA. TIPA editors have been bestowing the TIPA Awards to Imaging products since 1991 in order to help photo enthusiasts and professionals make the best purchasing choices.

Canon Photo Paper Pro Luster 260gsm

This top quality photo inkjet paper has a luster coating for high grade natural colour prints of graphic pictures, presentations and photos. The paper is instant dry, smudge resistant and provides good colour density and excellent image sharpness.

ILFORD Fine Art Smooth

    GALERIE Prestige combines state-of-the-art inkjet technology with more than a century of experience in the craft of photographic image making to provide a range of products that match the aspirations and needs of professional photographers the world over. ILFORD Galerie Prestige Fine Art Smooth has a matt warmtone surface and is a great alternative to the GALERIE Prestige Cotton papers. Created from an alpha-cellulose base with the latest advances in matt coating layer technology, this new product allows professional and enthusiast Fine Art Photographers and Printers to achieve the artistic interpretation of an image by drawing out sharp details, while maintaining vivid colors.

    Key Benefits

    Warmtone paper
    Excellent image sharpness
    Large color gamut
    Made from Alpha-cellulose
    Acid free
    Durable light resistance with pigmented inks
    Excellent for Fine Art Printing, Photography and Portrait PEFC certified

    Hinoki Frame

    Official Website:

    以 10 色藝術微噴的頂級技術將您的照片印製在日本進口 EPSON 精選雪面銅版紙上,再放入一郎木創的日本檜木相框,微微透光的感覺與天然原木處理的日本檜木完美地融入您的生活。

    藝術微噴是與博物館級名畫典藏複製同級技術,色彩層次細膩豐富,防水耐光,長達 60 年不褪色。一郎木創的檜木是來自於日本的人工林場,在日本是一項永續經營的產業,砍一棵樹會種回五棵樹苗,為了讓檜木呼吸,我們堅持保留木肌的溫潤觸感,完全無化學漆料,讓您能親近真實的日檜原木。




    Deluxe Edition

    Having the fine finish of the back side , with back board to protect the canvas, and also do not see any exposed nails, very suitable for all kinds of gift or collection purposes.

    Classic Edition

    Follow the traditional way of framed oil paintings, canvas taut fixed on a wooden frame. It can produce similar drum sound when you pat on the canvas.

    Wood Framed Giclée Print

    Giclée printing on photo paper with acrylic protection. Moisture-resistant and scratch-resistant. Vivid colors of your photos.

    Official Website:


    Make your own photo cover notebook.

    Printing:Digital Printing
    Cover Paper:Premium Art Paper
    Paper:Creamy High Bulky Printing & Writing Paper
    Pages:62 pages
    Exclusive accessories: Special Bookcover + Pencil

    Official Website:

    • You can also use "MOLDIV" or "Layout" app to make your collage.

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